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We have been coming here for quite some time, but I don't think we will be coming back. We were there last Wednesday for my dad's birthday dinner and when I called ahead to make reservations, the receptionist had failed to mention that there was no heat at all. This wouldn't have been that big of a deal, had my daughter not been present at the dinner. Her hands and face were freezing the whole time we were there, and she actually woke up with the sniffles the next day. Not sure if the coldness had an effect on the cook, but the food was not good either. A heads up about the cold temperature would have been much appreciated, and something any potential customer should have been made aware, especially if calling ahead. Thank you
George Abel
First time here, I will come back, food very good, service was fast, friendly staff. I will tell other people about this restaurant!!!
Jessica Fernandis
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Christopher Boufford
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