Red Samurai


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Patricia A Barnes
We often come here as a couple and enjoy the food immensely. Today we brought guests to celebrate a friends birthday and were treated like royalty. We really love this place.
Rob P
We order almost every week from here. Sushi and hibachi are always consistently good, however, the last 4 or 5 times we ordered the crispy calamari it is over seasoned and overcooked. Difficult to even eat. Tonight was the same so although we will continue to order from here, we will no longer be requesting the calamari.
We dine here frequently and have always had good food and service. We went today 12/16/18 for lunch(3 of us) and got quite a bit of food so we expected our bill to be on the higher side, however when we got our bill we noticed they charged us $20 for sharing food. We shared an appetizer and 3 pieces of sushi. We will not be going back. Restaurants should not charge extra for people sharing food.
Jamie McCormack
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