Red Samurai


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Jessica Fernandis
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Christopher Boufford
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Emily Eaton
Usually love coming here. We have been very good customers for a very long time. But we will not be back any time soon. We made a reservation and still had to wait over a half hour for them to tell us they didn't have table for us. If we wanted to wait we would have just come. We were trying to have a nice night out with friends that had been gone for a long time. And ended up leaving after they told us for the 4th time they didn't have a table for us. This is rediculous.
Joseph Arbes
I am very disappointed in my experience with Red Samurai. I had planned on a romantic dinner with my partner on Valentine's Day with the use of a coupon from I called a day in advance to make a reservation. When we finally got there Valentine's Day evening (after driving 30 minutes there from where we live) we were greeted with two signs that said Groupons would not be accepted on Valentine's Day! This rule from your establishment almost ruined a very special night! I understand that you reserve the right as to when you accept coupons, but in that case I would have expected the person I spoke to on the phone with to make my reservation would have pointed this out to me before wasting our time and money like that. I didn't even see mention of this on your website. I feel that if this decision to not accept coupons was important enough to post on two signs in the front of your building, it should have been important enough to relay to me before we made a reservation. We find