Red Samurai


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I will never again patronize this restaurant after my latest negative experience with Isaac. Nearly every time I eat here, he frequently approaches my friends and me to make unwarranted and often sexist comments (such as how women shouldn't play a particular sport), and this time he truly crossed a line. While sitting at a hibachi table with my friends plus another party, Isaac (who was NOT our waiter) began to pontificate about politics unprompted and bragged about how he did not vote in the 2016 election, or at all. My friends and I exchanged glances, stared at our food, and were visibly uncomfortable. He continued on to say that the recent presidential election was a choice between Lucifer and Satan. My friend politely and firmly asked him to stop discussing this inappropriate topic with us. He became defensive. Minutes later, he returned to offer a shallow apology. He ranted on about how he discusses everything with customers and talks about what he sees in his Facebook feed. He to
I will never be returning to this restaurant due to the misogynistic behavior of the waiter Isaac. I have been to this restaurant many times and my friends and I have encountered Isaac many times who has made numerous comments to me and my friends. Even though I enjoy the food here, I will never be returning to this restaurant due to his comments. He has made comments about how women should not play rugby and other jokes to my friends and I such as refusing to give a take out boxes. The last time I was at this restaurant he came over and spoke out of the blue about politics, bragging out his choice not to vote and referring to the candidates as Satan and Lucifer. Once asked to stop talking about politics, he followed an apology with comments about how we (a young group of women) could show our good spirit and help him clean the tables. He is a man who walks around and speaks to everyone in the restaurant, making offensive comments while customers try to enjoy a nice dinner. I f
Eliza Coffin
I am never returning to Red Samurai after our latest experience with Isaac, the man who walks from table to table making customers uncomfortable. I've had problems with him in the past, but he crossed the line when he spent an inordinate amount of time talking about politics with us and other customers at the hibachi table. Obviously any time spent discussing politics with customers is inappropriate but he went on for a few minutes about why he does not vote. My friends and I, though invisibly uncomfortable, at first chose not to say anything. When he said choosing between Hillary and Trump was like choosing between Lucifer and Satan, I spoke up and asked him to stop. His apology was not genuine and more him trying to justify his own behavior, and when I said thank you for apologizing he made a sexist remark. This is not the first time he has made sexist remarks, and his inability to control his behavior has led to my decision that I will never return.
Joni Rubert
Hello Looking at your restaurant for our ladies get together lunch tomorrow. Your website has a couple good coupons but they show an expiration date of 12/31/2015. Are you still honoring those coupons? We are three ladies who are each traveling substantial distances to meet at your location. Please let me know if we can use those coupons, or better yet where you may have updated ones available. We're planning on being there tomorrow at noon. Party of 3. Thanks